Disney Plus's Artemis Fowl Movie Review & Comments


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Oh no! i was so looking forward to this. Loved the books. Even re-read them all recently just to prepare for this movie. In hindsight that was probably a mistake as it will just highlight the glaring omissions from the movie and plot holes.


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Oh dear - was looking forward (ish) to watching this with the kids...

golden phoenix

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still going to watch it though lol


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Wow, up there with Cats! thanks for the warning , I was going to dip in, despite it looking a bit trite, wont bother now.


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Just watched this - I thought it was ok - a 6 from me. The shame is that up you feel a better movie is in there. The film uses a voiceover for loads of plot and i feel the movie could have been a good 30 minutes longer. As a positive the effects are quite good and the presentation on Disney in terms of video and audio is good. The bad is the gravelly voices for mulch and root - a strange choice. I have read the books as well and I hope if they make another then it is truer to the books - george


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I'll watch it with my daughter - she's done Potter, LotR and Hunger Games. I get the impression, and i've not read the books (neither has she) that they've done too much by cramming two books into one film and then tried to rectify this in a poor way.


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I'll watch it with my daughter - she's done Potter, LotR and Hunger Games. I get the impression, and i've not read the books (neither has she) that they've done too much by cramming two books into one film and then tried to rectify this in a poor way.
This, more like crammed elements of pretty much all the books into a single film. The books are excellent by the way, don't let the film put you off.


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good god this was bad, the CGI was fairly impressive but everything else about this was lame as f*** - seriously people, 3 is being generous, dont waste your time.


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If you have read and enjoyed the books then don’t watch this!
They butchered the story line.
If I hadn’t read the books then maybe a 5/10 as the CGI wasn’t bad and I liked the fairy inventions. But But but so many problems I had with this it wasn’t actually enjoyable to watch.


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My wife and son have read all the books, twice , and love them!

So maybe a good idea to keep them away. Shame as I was actually looking forward to watching it with them after seeing on Disney + today.

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I doubt whether I shall see this film, but based on this review Artemis fowl sounds to me like it could have been earmarked as a six part serial for Disney+ but was converted into a movie franchise instead.
I also get this impression watching some recent Netflix made movies as well, they probably would have worked better creatively as a mini series or episodic serial with other seasons attached, rather than just cramming everything into a 120 plus minute screenplay.
Then the plot and story arc has more time to grow, it could have been given more scope and opportunity to find its audience and develop those character profiles, which are important for the audience to want to invest in.
Bodyguard (for example) could have been made as a movie, but would it have received the same ratings success without the weekly episodic story arc with all the cryptic twists.
The Harry Potter movies were well crafted and almost filmed in real time as the child actors became teenagers before our eyes, so obviously some anticipation of Harry Potter's long term success was always factored in by the franchise producers, the movie makers attempted to keep faith with the Potter fans, building up the magic which many children and adults had anticipated anyway if they had read the books.


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The only reason to watch this is to get Disney to release more films direct to Disney+. Let's face it the cinema is not going to have the same box-office numbers for some time (due to social distancing and people not wanting to contract Covid 19) So it is either Disney+ or Vod.


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Just from the trailer, the lead kid is incredibly annoying. Don't think I could spend a whole film glaring at that smug face.

Solomon Grundy

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Watched this on Friday...is there another Kenneth Branagh?

The film makes very little sense and has a number of things which just grate. I should make a list...

The narrator growls
Judi Dench growls
Artemis Fowl as a character is extremely irritating
The plot is complete nonsense
The dialogue is woeful
The Centaur

Most of the film is spent wondering "why is this happening?"

1/10 - it pisses me off to think that Disney would rather make this film and try to set up a new franchise rather than continue with Alita which is vastly superior on every level.


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Both my kids got bored of this within an hour and gave up. I was surprised they lasted that long to be honest. Absolute gash.


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Of all the reviews I've seen, theirs is the kindest. It couldn't possibly be anything to do with Brannah being a 'friend of the show' could it?

I watched the film over the weekend and thought it was a complete nonsensical mess. I did not understand what happened during the final confrontation on little bit.

Was Josh Gad part of Artemis's plan?
Did Artemis know Gad would find and crack the safe?
How did Gad dig into the ground but come out through an upper floor wall?
Why were they all running from an explosion that didn't do anything?
What was with the fairy having to save the fisherman?
How did the dohicky rescue the Dad and how did they know how to use it?
What happened to the corrupt fairy cop?
Where was the woman in white who featured so heavily in the teaser?

And Artemis announcing that he was the new criminal mastermind, doesn't make it true. Did he actually do anything criminal? I get the feeling that they threw that in for the books as I understand he is already a criminal mastermind in the books (which I haven't read).

I think this would have probably bombed hard had it been put on at the cinema and Disney knew it, so they dumped it onto Disney+ to hide their embarrassment.
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The CGI was so bad even my wife noticed how bad it was, and she says there is no difference between SD and HD... Lost interest in this film very quickly, and felt for large portions of the film was about the fairy and Josh Gad rather than the Artemis kid... Stick to being Olaf Josh, it is the only decent thing I have 'seen' you in... 3 was very charitable


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I read these books years ago when they first came out and really enjoyed them. It has been such a long time since I read them that I'm really confused after watching this. I thought in the books that his father was missing presumed dead and his mum was in an institution or something after losing her mind?
In the books Artemis was certainly a criminal mastermind assisted by Butler, he took over from his dad after he went missing.
This movie really made zero sense at all from the perspective of the books.
The first half (2/3rds in reality) was utter, utter tosh, the final part wasn't too bad but because of what had come first it didn't really gel.
I'm glad this cwas streamed, if I'd paid good money to see it at the pictures I would not have been best pleased.
Foaly's character is not fleshed out at all, he's the "Q" of the fairy kingdom and that doesn't come across.
3/10 is generous.


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I thought the cg was pretty decent, and I liked the imagining of the worlds. but the film itself . . . Artemis Foul Up for sure. 2/10 from me.

Haven't read the books, and on it's own, this film would def put me off reading them.

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