Easiest way of getting hdmi through a small drill hole


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Hi all,

I need to get a hdmi cable through a long small drill hole (which I dont want to drill bigger). The hole is big enough to get a hdm cable through, but not the hdmi plug its self. I will be using my games consoles, netflix amazon prime (nvidia shield) sky Q through it and would like it to be as future proof as possible. So 4k HDR, hdmi 2.1, HDCP etc...
Some people have said I can use a cat6 cable, but I' struggling to find any decent sources for products that look like what im after.

Can anyone help me?


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I'm afraid you will have to bite the bullet and drill a bigger hole of you want to run a factory made HDMI cable. To DIY fit an HDMI plug would be very difficult and may not work (IMHO) You could use an HDMI over CAT transceiver system but will not be cheap (I think). I'm sure more knowledgeable members will advise!

Here's an example from a quick search on Amazon.....

Here's an alternative but some fiddly wiring!

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Most of the products that send HDMI down coax, Cat 5 etc etc are not going to do it well/far at 8K with ARC etc too!! If you only want 1080 or 4K /25 you may have some options in the Cat 5/6 products.
But, unless you are going to drill big enough for an ethernet cable plug to go through intact you will have to (re)terminate the end of the Cat5 /6 cable yourself at at least one end which is a real fiddle for the first fewtimes you do it ....

If you know anyone who enjoys horrible micro soldering jobs you can cut the end off an HDMI cable pass it through and buy a new HDMI plug (ebay /sourcingmap etc) to painstakingly re-connect when the cable is through. Again don't hold your breath for 8K afterwards unless the job is perfect.

Once 16K and HDMI is out you can rip it all out and do it all again.
Personally I'd drill the hole wider and save the bother . .Some idea of what you need doing on a tiny scale
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