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Hi all,
As you might have seen eBay have 20% off with some TVs well priced.
I am looking for a tv for the bedroom between 43-50 inches to be used for freeview tv as well as Netflix and amazon.
My budget is 400 max.
The options so far are hisense 50b7500 for 300 pounds or the Samsung 50ru7400 for 350 pounds or lastly the 43q60r for 425 pounds.
I was all set for the hisense but some reviews state it is poor at upscaling tv and also motion handling so have been put off, seems ru7400 is better in this regard. Lastly the q60r seems a bargain for a qled. Does it offer much improvement? Is brighter and better picture.
Let me know what you think.


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Ignore the Q60, it’s overpriced and not much better than the others. Richer Sounds have those other ones for c£50 more but with a 6 year warranty. I’d buy from them - you could try haggling with them.


All the 50" TVs are going to be similar with motion. Upscaling of poorer quality content will be slightly better on the Samsung RU compared to the Hisense B series.

The Q60R is a waste of money, both smaller and more expensive. QLED is just the name Samsung give to their 'higher' end LCD TVs, but the Q60R at 43 and 49 is no higher end than the RU7400 really. QLED is not a term to be compared to OLED, which is a new display technology.

The prices you have post 20% discount aren't that great. I've seen the same prices recently with the B7500 and a 5-6 year guarantee from Richer or John Lewis.

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