Elon Musk. The REAL Tony Stark.


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Fingers crossed the first manned SpaceX will launch this evening and I've been reading up on it's creator, amongst other businesses, Elon Musk. The more I read and watch about this man the more I becoming fascinated by him.
His ideas that seem like crazy hair brained schemes have bore fruit and his ideas of the Hyperloop are just mental, if they were thought of by anyone else other than him. I have confidence that whatever he dreams up next will probably become reality as he has the intelligence, the will and the financing. Watch this TED talk with him from a few years ago.



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He’s a fruit loop. And disliked by most Americans for being given handouts from the US government.


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He is nutty but a genius IMO.
He is also an African American which must cause confusion to the 'merkans

Doug the D

He’s a fruit loop. And disliked by most Americans for being given handouts from the US government.
Most Americans voted Trump to be their president. Quite frankly, their measurement of a man seems pretty fudging flawed :laugh:

Doug the D

I'm not even going to try and pretend that I understand the voting system in America, any more than I do for any other country I don't live in, but the fact remains that he is massively popular in the States.

As an outsider looking at how he's portrayed in the media, I really can't fathom why a member of Joe Public would think he's a reasonable, sensible person. He simply does not behave that way. His online behaviour alone is very immature and he often seems to just have knee-jerk reactions to hugely important events, there never seems to be any consideration or level-headed responses to things, just lots of capital letters and exclamation marks. This isn't even taking into account the many times he's taken the piss out of other world leaders or important politicians (of varying nations, including the U.K.). He's the 'Leader of the 'Free' World' :rotfl: - yet he behaves with all the decorum and restraint of a 13 year old boy.

IMO of course.

I'm fairly sure Elon Musk is bat sh*t crazy too, I'm not disputing that in any way. In this modern world we live though, he very often displays huge intelligence, creativity and imagination.


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Think I'd compare Musk more to someone like Ernst Blofeld...especially after watching You Only Live Twice last night :D

Definitely not someone I'd trust.....though decent electric cars


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Just goes to show what can be achieved when you get a billionaire who's a proper sci-fi geek.

Same goes for Bill and Melinda Gates, stupid rich but at least they are doing good things with it.

Wonder what Branson does with his cash, oh yeah tourist trips to the upper atmosphere :laugh:

Oh and I love what Musk does to short-term shareholders!


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Not sure how true but I’ve read somewhere that Robert Downey Jr based his Tony Stark character on Elon Musk after he met him!

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