Erratic Signal Strength. HD Channels dropping. Help Required

Hello everyone,

Hopefully someone here can help:

I just moved into a new property in Clapham (Crystal Palace transmitter) but I have a major issue with the Freeview.

This is the setup:

- WNC Wistron Quad LNB dish, which is pointing in the right direction with no obstructions.

- From this aerial runs a HT63 BSkyB 0.65 Twin CAI 0006 B cable from 2017.

- ONE of these twin cables has a F-Connector attached at the TV end. That is then attached to a coax cable which goes into the Freeview box. (The other has a coax connector with even worse signal).

Here's the issue:

- Signal strength is all over the place. Sometimes most channels come in clear, other times they drop off completely or scramble/break up at random times. HD channels are especially problematic. Weather seems to sometimes effect it (I think). Traffic outside sometimes seems effect it (I think). Walking by the TV definitely effect it - although only sometimes. Some days are fine, others barely anything works.

Any ideas? Is the issue that it's a twin Sky-type cable and only one of the cables is going into the TV/Box? I've tried putting an F-Connector on the other cable but the same issue remains. Does it sound like a knackered aerial or a faulty cable? Is it the F connector-to-coax that's the problem? Is there is part I need?

TV/Freeview box worked flawlessly at the previous property so can probably be eliminated as a fault.

Images attached.

Sorry for the long post - any help is much appreciated with sports soon coming back!




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Freeview requires a UHF TV aerial. You have connected a satellite cable from a dish LNB to it.

No wonder it doesn't work.

You need to see if there is a TV aerial on the roof of your property or any other coaxial cables in the home that may be connected to an aerial.


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Or try a satellite box instead?
Or even a decent directional set-top aka room aerial as a temporary fix. Antiference Sensor or a small outdoor log periodic even on a bookshelf or similar.

4 miles or so from CP will have a stonkingly high signal level as shown by the 'dodgy cable' pickup off the connection to the LNB that works after a fashion.

NB The outside photo shows three cables... Two figure of 8 shotgun as shown on the inside photo with a TV plug and F-plug plus adaptors. The other one might be a TV aerial feed? Where does that one end up?
Hi everyone. Thanks for all the advice.

I had no idea I was attempting to use a satellite dish to pick up Freeview - that explains a lot.

I ended up finding a coax cable hanging lose on the outside of the house on Rodders53's suggestion. I was then able to feed this through to the inside through an existing hole in the wall and this cable fortunately turns out to be attached to a UHF aerial somewhere out of view.

So now I'm all set and receiving all Freeview channels including HD.

Thanks again for the inputs - saved me a lot of hassle.

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