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when fast forwarding on my new Virgin V6 box, when I press play it rolls back about 8-10 seconds to re-start .
Is there a way of changing this to start at the precise moment i press play as i don't want to watch the last advert again . Start it later i hear you say but that is rather frustrating when watching cricket or football as i see what happens albeit in fast motion.

Thanks for your help


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Long time since I have been on these forums. Hope this helps.

The way I do it is I stop the ff by pressing pause, then when you hit play it will be in the exact place you stopped it with the pause.


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If you press the skip buttons (arrow with a bar at the tip) situated below the ff/rew dial, it skips the playback in 30 second intervals, i.e, 8 x presses on the right skip, will advance 4 minutes. I use this method to skip adverts.

Yes, the rollback is bloody annoying at times but you get used to it. I prefer the skip method usually.

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