For the FIRST Time in its Life, My 605 is Experiencing the Notorious "DTS Master Audio BOMB"...


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Please don't laugh.

I have been running an Onkyo 605 since the time of its launch (we're talking circa '07 or '08 or so) and, to this day, the AVR has given me ZERO problems (well, up until now I suppose; between what I'm about to explain and what appears to be an HDMI OUT going bad, there may be some reasons now to begin looking at a current-generation receiver) even powers two Polk RTi12 monsters as mains, along with the remainder of my 5.1 speakers (aside from the powered sub, of course), with plenty of juice to spare. This thing has been a proverbial WORKHORSE.

What's more, it does everything we need it to do, being that we haven't gotten into the newer "overhead" formats as of yet (Atmos/X), and as such we didn't even consider replacing it. It decodes all the legacy Dolby and DTS surround formats, as well as the lossless Dolby TrueHD and Master Audio codecs, and that's plenty fine for the wife and least for right now.


Do any of you recall when these 605s came out, there was that horrifying and infamous "DTS-HD Master Audio bomb" which equated to a loud "popping" coming from speakers during bitstreamed transmissions of these signals? Well, up until I bought my first 4K UHD Blu-ray player -- a Cambridge Audio CXUHD, which replaced an Oppo BDP-83 -- I NEVER experienced this bomb, even with titles that were notorious for causing it (Fantastic Four is one that springs to mind). Ever since I connected this new 4K BD player, I have been experiencing that loud boom/pop on certain NEWER DTS-HD Master Audio tracks, including the Blu-ray version of Equalizer 2 (it comes with the 4K Blu-ray so I tested it) and on X-Men: Dark Phoenix (which I rented from Redbox the other night). The noise is VERY startling and seemed to come from the CENTER channel speaker...

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening NOW with my Onkyo 605? Is it just coincidence that I began experiencing this DTS-HD MA bomb because newer titles are tripping the receiver up, so to speak? Would it have ANYTHING to do with the way I have the gear connected or this new BD player? In the past, I had my Oppo 83 going through the 605 and then off to a Sony SXRD display (for video), but with the Cambridge CXUHD, I am running separate HDMI outs -- one for audio (going to the 605) and the other going directly to my Samsung 4K display for video.

Is this something with the new player or is it because these newer titles are tripping up the receiver to replicate the bomb noise? Would Onkyo still have some kind of firmware patch for a model this old?


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I've had HDMI cables go bad after time (no idea why, to my mind they shouldn't). Maybe try a different cable from the CXUHD to the 605.
Thanks for the reply, Bri.

I could try that, but I honestly don't think the cables cause this "bomb" sound (though Oppo did tell me once, when I owned a BDP-83 BD player, that HDMI cables can, in fact, go bad as you alluded to...and, like you, I have no idea why that would be unless the pins/connectors get eroded in some way)...

Any other ideas regarding why my AVR would begin showing signs of this DTS-MA bomb?

*Just to add: This problem was a known "defect" back at the dawn of the DTS Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD codecs; it seems these first-generation Onkyos (the model I own, the TX-SR605, was actually the first AVR to decode these new-back-then formats) malfunctioned when receiving bitstreamed Master Audio signals from certain discs, causing this loud popping through speakers, eventually dubbed "The Master Audio Bomb"...I didn't experience this until JUST RECENTLY, with over a DECADE of using this receiver regularly, so that's why I'm wondering why now...
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