HDR Streaming on HTPC


Hello all,

i have a desktop used for HTPC and i have a BIG problem.

My device:
MB- Z390 UD- Gigabyte(Intel Graphics chipset UHD 630)- Z390 UD (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global
TV-LG 55UM7100PBL-HDR+4K available and tested on own player from LG(LG app-Netflix and Youtube content)
HDMI-2.0b cable(ethernet too)

I bought the pair of proc and MB in order to be used for streaming to LG, HDR content and 4k video.

Windows recognize in "device manager" as display adaptor(Intel UHD Graphics 630).

But, on the apps page in settings is showing :Streaming HDR -NO

I atach some image to be more clear.

If anybody could give a help will be great.

I wrote to Gigabyte support and the write me that i need to buy a GPU.




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Hi mate.
not sure if this will be helpful but try.

Start button, and then select Settings > System > Display .
Turn on HDR and advanced colour.

You can also try downloading and running the cyber link advisor. It may show if there is a break in your chain somewhere. Good luck.

I do feel for you. I got really sick and tired of my HTPC and damn MICROSOFT. So switched over to a dedicated streamer. Zappiti 4K mini hdr.
PC is only used for odd gaming now.


So, i'm back.
Because Z390UD doesn't offer HDMI 2.0 , this MB will not stream HDR. Just 4k.
Bought a GPU GTX1050Ti and now is fine.

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