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Also with the recent announcement of the new PS5 hardware, including a new headset will the Gold's still be compatible with the next gen console?


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Don't know if anything has been mentioned about it but I would of thought so yes... (Wireless that is - they will always work plugged in)

Time will tell


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What's wrong with your HyperX's?
The in-line (correct terminology) volume control is "off" it's crackles and breaks up when using it I can get it to work eventually by a lot of scrolling with the control wheel.


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I'm being drawn towards either the Turtle Beach 600 or 700, with the 700 peaking ahead slightly. I like the little added features it has over the 600.
Anyone have any comments on these??
hi , I’d recommend the 700’s, took the plunge on these few months back ! Really pleased with them.

Surround sound is very good, they are comfortable, battery life is on par with what they say, mic quality is very good.

What pushed me over the line with these was they are geared towards first person shooters, I play a lot of modern warfare / warzone with my son online, can’t fault them.

That being said there is 2 Bluetooth options, normal is on all the time in the background so you are connected to the dongle, but then you can “turn on Bluetooth” so visible to your phone so you can further change settings and make calls, listen to music etc, but having that on drains battery quicker, just remember to turn that off what not using.

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