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Hi Guys, I need some help choosing a new AV receiver for my new cinema room, I currently using a Denon 4306 and it has served me well over the past 10 yrs. But doesn't do 4K etc so it will need to be replaced.

My new room is approx 8x9 metre, I intend to use my current 6 Kef eggs as 4 Atmos ceiling speakers and surround rears with Kef Q series front and centre speakers.

Having multi zone isn't as important as
Ease of use when changing different sound formats.
Use of Blu-tooth headphones (watching West Ham at 3am winds up the Mrs)
2Ch Phono stage, I've rediscovered LP's and it needs to work well with my Rega Planar 3
Capable of 4x ceiling speakers for Atmos etc or should I use a different speaker set-up for better sound experience

I've been looking at the Yamaha 3060 but thats a little more than I wanted to pay, I'm also starting to think I should stay with Denon. I'd be interested in people opinions on what else is out there that's meets my minimum requirements.


One of the best bargains of quality receivers at the moment is the Denon AVR X6200W at under £1100. It has a phono 2 channel input and signal ground earth. Beautiful stereo output and will sit well with the KEF Qs, mine is driving R300s with complete ease. It's not totally future proofed as it will not be getting the Dolby Vision update, but 4K pass through is no problem.
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