Help please. Arcam AVR 400 auto switching issue

martin purnell

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Wow! It's been a long time since I posted on here. A lot has changed. The new screen layout for starters! I can't even find the Arcam Owners sub section. Maybe I should look under Samsung!

Anyway, 18 months ago I sold a couple of Arcam amps and bought the Arcam AVR 400 but I kept my Arcam P90 to power the front speakers. For blurays etc, I use the amazing Sony 800 player. It has 2 HDMI outs one of which goes to the PJ. However, I notice that every time the Sony BR is switched on, the Arcam selects the AV channel instead of DVD. I have to manually change channels via the remote. I have lost count the number of times I have read the manual book and on screen menu on how to overcome this issue. Is it a software issue for instance?
Any advice as how to get it to switch automatically to the DVD setting would be very welcome.

Many thanks


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Is the hdmi CEC on in your Sony BD player?

martin purnell

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Great question Dobry, thanks.
I know on my Epson PJ the hdmi is switched off from amp to PJ. I'm pretty sure the Sony CEC Is off too. I'll check later tonight as I'm currently on gardening leave!
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