HELP - SONY STR-DN1060 pass through to 4k projector causing shudder


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I have recently bought a SONY STR-DN1060 AV receiver and have plugged my Virgin Media box into the 4K SAT/CATV (hdcp2.2) input port, this then outputs via 4K to my Optoma UHD51 4K DLP Projector. It looks fantastic and I also have to BT Ultimate channel to watch in 4k but for some reason there is a shuddering that intermittently occurs in the bottom 3rd of the picture and I can't seem to work out why. I have tested through a flatscreen 4K TV and this doesn't happen so it can't be the Virgin Media signal, I have also got my PC plugged into the projector which outputs in 4K and this does not shudder either so it can't be a problem with the projector.

I suspect it's a problem with the AV receiver managing the signal somewhere between output and input but I don't know how to figure it out or fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I can attach a short video of the shuddering picture if required)

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