Hisense 55AE7400FTUK Motion Issue with Amazon Prime


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Hi All,

I recently purchased a 55" Hisense AE7400FTUK. Overall I'm very happy with the picture quality, connectivity etc. However, there appears to be a serious issue with motion handling (particularly fast motion) with content from Amazon Prime. I believe it may be motion blur although I'm not sure. I have uploaded an example at the following link

The issue does not occur with Youtube content, Netflix content, games or video played from a laptop through HDMI...

Ive tried turning Ultra Smooth Motion off as well as trying all the other Ultra Smooth Motion (i.e. film etc.) presets without improvement. However, setting Ultra Smooth Motion to custom and then setting Dejudder to 0 seemed to help a bit. Despite this, it's still not perfect and there seems to be odd glitchy frames. I've turned Adaptive Contrast and all other forms of processing off without improving things...

Any idea what the problem is (and, ideally, how to fix it)? Because it's purely an issue with Amazon content I thought it could be to do with the broadcasting format or the FPS/refresh rates not aligning with the TV. But I know little about these things and am just speculating.

Any advice would be much appreciated!
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Moved to the Hisense forum. There's been some firmware problems reported by other Hisense users on the forum, most of which have been fixed in updates. Try a factory reset and update to the latest version. If that doesn't help you should contact Hisense with the problem, and they may be able to send a firmware update for you to install on USB.

Motion blur is normal, but it looks like some kind of stutter to me.


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I had the same issue with the 43a7500.

Even though the motion settings were "disabled" I had to re-enable them again and then disable them once more for it to actually take effect.

Sometimes after bringing the TV out of stand-by it would retain the settings, other-times I had to re-enable and disable them all over again for it to actually turn any image/motion processing off.

I also found that having the "quick startup" enabled made it "lose" the settings, but turning that off seemed to have fixed the issue and i've not had to change any other settings since.


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Great. I’m not sure how it fixes it. If anything you’d think it would be the other way around where Quick Startup retains the settings and disabling it doesn’t. But ho hum - I’ll probably raise it with Hisense support and see what they come back with.

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