Honda e real world first drive with Jonny Smith

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Yeah it looks nice inside. Outside is probably not as aerodynamically efficient looking for me. And my next EV will need to have 200+ miles range.


Are they still marketing it as a City car? I see they dropped "Urban" from the name, perhaps the shape reflects they never originally intended it to be a long range cruiser?


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The main market for this car is Japan - the European market is secondary (even though the car is available to order in the UK now, but not yet in Japan) The vast majority of people who travel more than 100km in Japan use the train network rather than drive.
So yes, IG, this will be a City car in Japan, but not marketed as such in Europe.
Honda have done there research and have sized the car and batteries for the usage of the intended market - ie Urban/Suburban dwellers.


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I watched the vid last night. Quite like it.

If EV Vehicles were real world prices, i would consider one for my next lease.

As it is, will be a few more ICE lease deals (every 2 years) before i’ll consider one.

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