Question How to purchase 4K HDR movies from M-GO in UK?


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As far as i know these movies(9 now) are the best quality out there(VIDITY 4K Ultra HD),100gb and much better than the compressed Netflix/Amazon/etc. streams.If you live in US you need a Vidity compatible device(Samsung) and the WD Passport Cinema drive.

I can sign up for M-GO via a VPN and import the drive(around 80 pounds).Then buy and download a movie.It should work(the drive connected to my PC and downloading from M-GO),i think,but what after connecting the drive to the Samsung.Will it trigger a region incompatibility even if the Tv is offline?And can i get the Fox titles,which are preloaded on the drive,two of them in HDR!

Any thoughts and advices?


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I know it's long after this was posted, but I've been digging around on this as well and you can't actually install m-go on eu tvs without tweaking the app and that seems to break the ability to use external vidity hard drives so you might end up a bit stuck.
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