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Hello there

Been doing a lot of reading lately about noisy USB power, and the effect it can have.So decided to get a iFi Audio iDefender 3.0 and give it a go and see if it works.

From IFI Audio

The iDefender3.0® protects against the common problems of ground loop noise and noisy USB power :
  • Breaks noisy ground-loops. Significantly reduces system noise floor and makes for better dynamic contrast, warmth and resolution
  • Disconnects the USB Power from the PC and replaces it with a clean external power (optional iPower* 5V for ultra low noise)
  • USB3.0 port technology – most advanced and highest USB specification

To be used directly at the Source such as the PC USB port, it breaks ground loops and cuts the noisy USB power line. From computer audiophiles, musicians, home studio artists to pro audio customers, it improves audio playback quality at home and on-the-go.

Am using with a home made PC a Pocket Server C.A.P.S. v3 Topanga that feeds a Lindemann usb-dac 24/192

Only just installed it and am yet to form an opinion yet, but I do feel it has tighten the bass a tad.

Was wondering if any one has any experience with these or similar products.

Cheers Frank

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