Infinite Warfare XB1 Lag Issues


Is anyone else suffering from savage lag?

I can literally see my gun reloading in slow mo at times and the screen jumps about.

This happened in a FFA game and private games.

I haven't played COD in years and only bought this for Terminal and MWR.

Are games still hosted by a player or are they hosted by servers now?



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Severe lag here , but I've a crappy 3meg connection and 3 people playing online at same time, so that could be why for me, worst thing for me is the terrible frame rate during mp games, many times during a game fps must go into single figures, and it's not when there's loads going on, the lag I can accept due to reasons above, but the poor GPs has stopped me playing for now


The framerate drops to nothing for me.

72mb connection and was playing a private match with a friend and bots.


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Horrendous lag here. Also the cod 4 download is going at 900kbps when my connection is way faster than that


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Played this for the first time yesterday, suffered 5 extreme lags outrages

Switched off and played some remastered

Loved every second

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