Interpreting Optoma H76/77 menus (Gamma, Color Temp)


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Hi all,

I need your help about the Optoma H76/77 menu.

I'm still using my faithful H76/77 and got a new bulb so want to recalibrate.
Now I would like to set the starting point of my calibration already to gamma 2.2 and D65 (at least from the Projector point of view).

Unfortunately the H77 menu only says Gamma with values from 1to 5 ( and not for example 1.8, 2.0, 2.2 etc)
and the Color Temp menus also goes the same way between 1 to 3 (and not instead D50, D55, D65 or whatever)

1) does anybody know the (intended) correspondence between the H77 menu entries GAMMA AND COLOR TEMP)
and the target value in term of gamma value and DXX temperature ?

2) There is also a criptic "IMAGE MODE" in the menu with value FILM, VIDEO or TV. Has anybody an idea
of what these actually do ?


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