Question Is it possible for yamaha receiver to amplify passive subwoofer somehow?


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I have a spare passive subwoofer from previous home theater (sony bdv e4100) system.
Its mainboard failed to run after years of operation.
Then purchased a receiver unit(yamaha rxv685) but realized that there are no amplified subwoofer output.
Thought may be I can use a channel on receiver(zone1 or zone2) somehow to amplify.
Are there any risk to burn the system? And if there is not how could it be done in settings of receiver?


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No, there's no passive subwoofer terminals on most if not all AV receivers these days and nor would an AV receiver facilitate using its bass management in association with a passive sub. The best I can suggest is that you use an external power amp connected to the sub pre out and then connect the passive sub to that. I'd not rate the sub in question as being worth the hassle or indeed the cost though.

Here's the kind of amp you'd need:

For not that much more than the cost of an external amp, you can buy an active BK Gemini II sub:
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