Answered Issue with Onkyo TX-L50 and Sky-Q


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Hi there,

Hopefully someone can shed some light on the issue I am having. I have just replaced my old Onkyo TR606(I think) with an Onkyo TX-L50. The main reason for the replacement was the fact that the HDMI pass through didn’t work with the newer devices (I think it’s the 2.2 HDMI protocol).

I have set the new AV up with the following devices
Panasonic TV - HDMI Out (Arc)
Sky Q - Cable/sat HDMi
LG blue ray - DVD / BD HDMI
Nivida Shield - Strm Box HDMI
Xbox 360 - Game HDMI

All the devices work fine apart from the SKy Q box where I get no picture or sound. I have tried a number of things but nothing seems to work.

The only way to get it to work is to use a HDMI cable direct from the sky q box to the Tv then an optical cable from the TV to the receiver then set the Audio on the cable/sat input to optical. This is how I had my old system set up but all my devices were plugged directly into the TV and I just used the optical.

Is there something I am missing to get the sky q to work through the receiver? It seems a bit strange that everything else works fine but not Sky.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Have you tried it in a different HDMI port on the receiver?


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Have you tried it in a different HDMI port on the receiver?
Hi Gibbsy,

You are a star, swapped the HDMI cables between Game and Cable/Sat and bingo, everything works as it should. No need for the additional bypass HDMI cable to the TV and Optical back from the TV to the receiver. Strange that this works as the settings in the receiver for both HDMI ports are exactly the same and set to 2.2. There you go.

Thanks for you help with this.
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