Question Issues when using Denon AVR-x2200 dual outputs


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Basically I noticed I can't make ArC audio work from my LGC8 TV to my Denon AVR-x2200. (That's HDMI slot 2 on the LG into Monitor #1 on the Denon)....On closer investigation, It turned out this problem would go away if i took the HDMI cable out of the "monitor 2 " HDMI output in the back of the Denon (that output was going to an Epson projector)

I thought that was weird. But its even weirder, now If I've got both the HDMI outputs in the back of the Denon plugged in...I can't even get the AVR to send a signal to the TV OR Projector....Unless I unplug one of the HDMI's in the back of the Denon... (signal chain is - Virgin set top box - AVR - TV, in that example)

I've had this AMP for maybe 1.5years and NEVER had this problem before...and i've definitely had both TV and projector playing simultaneously in the past...

Anyone got any ideas? Im really stumped on this one, would really appreciate any help..

thanks guys



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Update: Definitely an issue regarding "Monitor 2" Cannot get any video to come out that.

Also, if I turn the AVR on with a HDMI plugged into "Monitor 2" I wont get any audio until I remove the the HDMI from that slot....Starting to feel that this amp is dead.


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I have ARC issues with the same AVR. Different TV but LG.
Was fine for the amps first year then boom...needs a power down, remove all HDMI and wait a while to fix and sometimes that doesn't even work. Then it'll fix itself after a few days. Very frustrating.
Have been reading around and Denon + ARC do not play nicely :(
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