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Thank you for your thoughts. Affected by immediate family & a relationship / friendship. Like you i wasn't aware of what i was around, although i always knew something wasn't right.
It's quite an overwhelming shock to realise. I'm presently having counselling, trying to come to terms. It's harder if it's immediate family, because they're your flesh & blood....i do realise they're victims, too.
Don't want to derail the thread, but felt i had to say it, because there may be viewers of this film, not knowing they are victims of N.P.D.
No worries my friend, I hope you can work through it all. You're right about the shock when the penny drops on what is actually afoot. I almost threw up when I first read about NPD, it was like the person's entire psych profile had been uploaded and had been there for all to see the whole time.

Wish I could offer some better advice, all I can say is look after no.1 first and foremost. I can appreciate to a certain extent they can be victims especially if there are sycophants and grifters feeding their illness but from my experience it's of their own making, they play the victim card well and unlikely they'll ever truly accept there's an issue or want to change even if they do.


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Covered it over at my own film & gaming website too, brilliant film, although anything Batman-related does feel shoehorned into the story.

As someone once said, there are two villains in this story, one is society, the other is a door lock :)



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Finally got round to watching this tonight, truly amazing performance throughout the film. I liked the slow pace of the film and some of the cinematography was stunning places really made the film.


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Just watched this - stunning performance from Phoenix. Also nice to see DeNiro play a different type of role that worked well for him.

PQ was excellent, serious detail in up close shots. Audio wasn’t as stand out as the film didn’t really have any show off scenes.

the film itself is very good especially how it builds up and the finale was excellent. There is a real feeling of dread throughout the film, but I can understand the negative comments especially if you are expecting a superhero style film. Not a multi watch for me....or maybe with a second viewing it will grow further on me.


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We finaly watched this Yesterday, and it was truly stunning. Luckily we'd managed to keep away from spoilers, so all the shocks were fresh & unexpected. A truly amazing performance by Phoenix, & a beautifully crafted storyline.
Definitely a film we'll watch again, but after a suitable gap.

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