JVC X500 (DLA-X500) 3D Projector - Reviewer's Recommended Best Settings

Steve Withers

Disclaimer: The settings below are supplied for information purposes only. We make no guarantee that using the adjustments below will improve your TV's picture, they may even make it look worse. Every TV, even from the same manufacturer and model number will vary, as will the environment the TV is used in. For further information on how to set up your TV, please follow the steps in our Picture Perfect campaign.

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You can read the review here: JVC X500 (DLA-X500) 3D D-ILA Projector Review | AVForums

Picture Mode: User 1 (Clear Black Off, Lamp Power Low, Lens Aperture Manual)

Colour Profile: Custom 1 (Red Hue -5, Saturation 0, Brightness -2; Yellow 1, 0, 0; Green 4, 0, 0; Cyan -1, 0, 0; Blue 0, 0, -2; Magenta 1, 0, -3)

Color Temp: 6500K (Gain Red -15, Green -20, Blue 0; Offset Red 0, Green -2, Blue +3)

Gamma: Custom 1 (2.4, Picture Tone 0, Dark level/Bright Level 0)

MPC Level: On (Original Resolution Auto, Enhance 50, Dynamic Contrast 50, Smoothing 50, NR 5)

Clear Motion Drive: Off

Contrast: 0

Brightness: 3

Colour: 0

Tint: 0

Input Signal - Input Level: Super White

danny daniell

Well-known Member
Steve I am using a Beamax grey screen, should this affect the settings at all?


Steve Withers

Well Danny those settings are for the the unit I was reviewing in my home cinema and on my screen, so I can't make any guarantees. In addition, each bulb is different and obviously they change as they age, so all I can suggest is that you give them a try and see what you think. If you don't like the results you can always go back to one of the presets.
When you reviewing the HW55ES Steve?

When you do you will notice how hard it is to dial the sharpness

Nice to see you have added a scoring on lens quality now as well!


Steve Withers

Should be soon Lee.
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