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Just bought a pair of Kef Ls50 Wireless. Ran through the firmware update but struggling with the internet connection. The Bluetooth is fine but I cannot connect to Spotify Connect.
The app takes long time to find the speakers and sometimes fails. Once the app has found the speakers when I switch to Spotify (on IOs), sometimes I do not see the speakers in the available devices list and even when they appear Spotify struggles to connect.
Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks


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I assume you initially set up Spotify connect using the LS50 app first (if not there is an option to guide you in the app menu).

Do you use Wifi to play music via a NAS or DLNA and if so does that work? If you haven't tried it maybe try getting hold of the free Tidal trial via the LS50 and see if there are any similar issues with that (though audio quality aside the Spotify user experience is far superior).

If it is an option try connecting your speakers to 5Ghz instead of 2.4Ghz on your wireless internet hub (or vice a versa). Also how far away is your hub from your speakers? Distance or obstructions might affect performance.

Though I've had issues (subsequently ironed out by successive firmware and software updates) Wifi connectivity hasn't been a problem I've had with the KEFs though connecting itself is painfully slow - up to 30 seconds watching the indicator blinking.


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I still hesitate to buy these LS50W, but I'm reading so many people complaining about the poor quality of the software.

Please could you give me your opinion about that ?

Even if I've got a perfect ethernet and wifi network at home, will I always have to wait 30sec each time I switch on these speakers or I turn on my iOS app ? Will the app crash often ?

I've got some Sonos, and the software side is so efficient !

Last question, it's hard for me to compare my current Dynaudio 52se + Nad C372 and these LS50W, do you think the switch worth it ?

Thanks for your help guys

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The app doesn’t crash - well at least it hasn’t while I’ve been using them (since March earlier this year). The app has improved vastly over this period of time, and if your iPad goes to sleep, you no longer have to close the app down and re-open it when you wake it up for it to connect to the speakers again - just wake the iPad up and it connects on its own. I’ve had them turned off for a week or two, reconnected them, and the app finds them with no issues. Any reconnecting for whatever reason has never been any more than 5-10 seconds from memory.


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Thanks a lot for your feedback !
Something annoying regarding the integration with my home automation is the way the source can be selected by rolling thru the different sources. Do you know if there exist independant infrared codes to point directly to a desired source ?
And the last question : someone has heared about an API to drive these speaker ?
Thanks again

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