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Watched this at a sold-out screening up local Cineworld yesterday (judging by the amount of laughter just before some comedy moments, there’s a few repeat viewers in there!) and also thought it was great fun.

I wonder, if he wasn’t so well known as James Bond, whether Daniel Craig’s southern drawl in this and Logan Lucky is done well enough to fool locals; like Idris Elba did in The Wire!

Looks like the rest of the ensemble cast enjoyed themselves too and Ana de Armas is just :love:

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'Knives Out' (2019)

This one is a doozy! Sheer entertainment with a capital 'E' from start to finish.

I should start by saying that I usually loathe whoduunnits. I find them tedious in the extreme and often totally predictable, or in the case of Agatha Christie, because the appalling lack of anything remotely resembling literary flair, renders her work unreadable for me.

However this great big slice of fun was recommended, nay, evangelised to me by someone who shares my loathing for the genre. Director/screenwriter Rian Johnson has created a gripping mystery yarn that will tease and thrill to the very end, with an absolutely superb ensemble cast headed by Daniel Craig as a sort of Bible Belt Hercule Poirot.

I will stop there and drop not even one hint regarding the plot that might ruin the experience for anyone. And might I suggest, if someone attempts to tell you ANYTHING about the plot, that you insert your fist firmly in their gob, as only an absolute arsehole would attempt to spoil the experience of this flick for anyone else.

An absolute corker! :)


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I do NOT like Rian Jonson. He is probably the only film director for whom I have ever felt this way. Watching his smug arrogance and trolling turned me from a supporter into a hater.


I really enjoyed this film. It was funny, intriguing, heart warming and I did not guess the killer. I did know about the phone call at the end, but then the very final act got me a little again. Bravo Mr Jonson, you are an arrogant p**ck, but left to your own devices you created a very enjoyable film.



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Watched this last night on iTunes as they are doing $3,99 rental for a limited time right now. We were looking forward to this, & it did not disappoint. To us, the cast was well chosen & balanced - no-one was duff or upstaged anybody. Great pacing & some nice twists.
The iTunes version is Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos, so it looked & sounded great.
Overall a nice sit-back-and-enjoy whodunnit film that didn't take itself too seriously, but did not mock the genre.
AND, great to watch a movie with seemingly NO agendas, hidden or otherwise :)
9/10 for us!
Watched it on iTunes last night in Dolby vision it looked stunning ,watchable family enjoyed it 6.5 out of 10 apple definitely paid for it every product was apple


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I watched this last night & i have to agree it's great fun, I really enjoyed it & the social commentary that is the heart of this story is just outstanding as mentioned above an absolute corker.
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