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Tight Git

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Hi Everyone,

I've been seeing this on my desktop for a couple of months now:

The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is on its way. Once it’s ready for your device, you’ll see the update available on this page.

Does anyone know why the delay, please?


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Major updates are normally rolled out to the billions of windows machines over the course of a few months. I haven't been keeping up with the news for v.2004 specifically but It wouldn't surprise me if the launch was going exactly to plan and wasn't delayed.

As Iceman says you can force it if you'd like but unless you need a particular feature it adds then I'd just let it do it's own thing.


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I've set my Win 10 pro machines to delay major 'features' update installation for 365 days. Every major update seems to break something on one of my machines.

The minor updates recently have been nearly as bad.

Chris Muriel

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It's done the update on 1 desktop PC and 3 laptops in my house - but the desktop PC on which I am typing this still has the same message that the OP sees.
I am not letting this worry me.


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There are still significant bugs that Microsoft is working on that affect computers with certain chipsets, graphics chips, or particular configurations etc on here is a link to the MS website to explain

I updated my desktop and laptop briefly before rolling back due to minor bugs e.g. SSD trim buggy, erroneous pop up “there is no email client configured for this action”, NextPVR not working well”. These are exactly the reasons you shouldn’t upgrade immediately.
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Tight Git

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Good morning,

My desktop has now upgraded successfully to Win10 version 2004 but I find my C drive is now nearly full.

I see there's a folder called Windows.old which is taking up nearly 30Gb.

I assume this is in case I want to revert to the previous version, but I took an image before the upgrade, so can I safely delete this folder to release 30Gb, please?


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If you don't want to go back to the old version then yes this can be deleted.

I would personally do it via the disk clean up till included in Windows though.

Bring up windows explorer navigate to your c drive, which is normally under my computer. Right click on the c drive and bring properties. I think it's in the first tabs (not on my pc at mo) but there is disk clean up option. Click on that and then select system files as well (you will get an admin prompt, select yes) and it will work out what can be deleted and how much space is taken. Check the ones you want and click tidy. It might take a several months depending on how much but should help you :)

Tight Git

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Many thanks.

(I assume the "several months" is a typo?)

I've looked into this further and, if I've understood correctly, it seems that the old file will be deleted automatically after 10 days anyway.

If you can confirm this, I think I won't intervene unless there's a problem.


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Damn phone autocorrect :) Should say several minutes depending on whether you have an SSD or HDD etc.

Mine have usually stuck around on some machines (or I was possibly impatient).

It's worth running the tool anyway to see how much space is used up in various areas, especially the system variant. Running the tool does not do anything other than calculate the space, you then have to have to agree to let it remove. It often brings more usage than you think.

Tight Git

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Many thanks. :)

Unfortunately the Windows.old file is not listed for clearance using your method.

In fact it says I can clear just 141Mb!


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Yeah ....You and me both.

Windows (Microsoft) great company....once! But we are all needing comms and the likes, hence the use of MS products.

I have to use it.........

I have various other options at home......



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I also had the coming soon message until yesterday, had to click the download now and it was quite quick compared to previous ‘feature updates’. So far all is good.

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