LG 65UK6300 - Apple TV?


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I am wondering and trying to work out a few things with my tv which I love.

First thing - is It going to get Apple TV? If so when? Was told that lg 2018 TVs will get the app sometime this year, most likely October. Is this the case, as I have my sisters old Apple TV box, which I am using for the main room, meanwhile my mums tv is old and could use the Apple TV box, if my tv is going to get Apple TV app I will give the AppleTV box to my
Mums if my tv is too old for the Apple TV app, I will buy a new Apple TV box. I don’t want get one if I don’t need one.

second question.
According to lg, my tv should be running 5.10.45 os, however my tv is running 5.20.03 does this mean I have a slightly different tv than what is advertised? My Nan died 4 weeks ago and left me with her 43um7000 tv, this has the software version 5.80.15 also anyway to get the un7000 setting drop down on the right instead of the left of the tv as with my 6300?

third question
There is a internal hard drive built into the tv where the apps are installed to, I have and use a usb stick of 32gb could this be used to boost the TVs internal storage? Is there away of expanding the storage otherwise?

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