Question LG B6 OLED: Suspected Failed Power Board


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This afternoon the TV just shut down while in use and since then has not powered back up.

It tries and the red power light does come on but all we get is a clicking noise every now again.

It sounds to me like a failed power board and a cursory Google search supports this idea.
Unfortunately the TV is out of warranty as it was purchased through a work scheme and only came with 12 months as standard.

All of which brings me to my question(s):

Has anyone ever replaced a power board on their TV? Was it easy enough for someone comfortable with taking electronic devices? Any experience with reputable parts suppliers?

Not the best time to lose the living room TV 😢

Thanks for any advice.


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If you can source the part it looks easy enough,though i would be careful unlike this so called professional.

That's a strip down of a B8 i would imagine there's not that much difference to a B6.



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Came back to life this morning after a night unplugged from the wall.

I guess I’ll find out soon enough whether it was a one-off or the start of an increasingly regular pattern.


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Yeah, several times.

Maybe it’s just getting used too much due to lockdown.

We’ll see

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