LG OLED C9 no sound via HDMI ARC after connecting Apple TV

David Griffiths

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I have a LG OLED C9 with firmware version 04.80.03. Connected via the HDMI ARC port 2 in a rather old Panasonic Home Cinema box that nowadays is used mainly for the audio. Connected to HDMI 1 on the Panasonic is our Sky box. This is all fine and if everything is off and I click the Sky remote, the Sky box and the Panasonic and the TV all come on with sound.

But recently I bought an Apple TV box and connected it to one of the other HDMI ports on the LG. For some reason, even if we are not using the Apple box, the sound is screwed up. For instance with everything off, click the Sky remote and the Sky box and TV come on but not the Panasonic, so no sound. Other times the volume control on the Sky remote doesn't work. Unplugging the Apple box is not enough, I have to switch everything off at the mains and back on again to get back to how it was before.

Why is the Apple box intefering like this? Or would it happen if any other HDMI device was attached? It's as though the HDMI ARC port no longer has priority or something. Pretty sure I tried both HDMI ports (1 and 3).




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I suspect that the box on the end of the ARC port might be your trouble. Switch everything off at the mains, disconnect it, then when you power up again, select TV speakers. If everything works then, then you have your culprit, time for a new bit of kit. If you still have issues, then something on the TV is amiss, so check the settings, try a factory reset, etc.

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