Question LG OLED55B8PLA and Yamaha HTR 3065 issues


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I’m after advice about setting up my LG oled55b8pla with Yamaha htr3065 and virgin v6.
With my old Panasonic when I turner the tv off, the Yamaha turned off but not the same here. Also on the old setup if I watched amazon tv on the tv as an app, it would override the v6 but this just mixes the sound from both sources.
As is worked fine previously I’m thinking it may be the tv settings
The audio setting I have on the tv are sound out hdmi arc , digital sound out auto selected
Also selected is hdmi simplink cec in the general settings
The hdmi is in port 2 as per the instructions
Anyone have any ideas?


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Have you tried removing the mains supply from all the devices at the same time (for at least 30 seconds) and then turning the mains supply back on? CEC can get confused if one item is in standby when another item is connected. Also check you have the Yamaha connected to the correct HDMI connection on the LG as only one port supports ARC (audio return channel).

I have an LG OLED TV and Yamaha Receiver and the power sync and sound switching all work fine.
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