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I am thinking of buying the LG SN11RG soundbar so I can have Atmos audio when watching 4k movies equipped with it. My TV is an LG E6 with is not Atmos enabled but which I wish to keep because I need the 3D facility. I use a Pana DMP-UB900 BD player to play discs which can also stream Netflix and other online sources.

I have looked at the specs and manuals for all these items of equipment and am now not certain it will work for me as they do not seem entirely consistent in what they say. Some posts on these forums seem to imply it will not, at least not without eARC which neither my TV nor BD player has. I would appreciate your answers on whether what I have in mind will give me Atmos or not.

I can supply the relevant entries in the manuals for the player and soundbar and Dolby's notes but have not been able to post them either by cut-and-paste from a Word doc or attaching the doc.

Here is my proposed setup:
1 Attach the player to the soundbar via HDMI with these settings:
Dolby D/Dolby D +Dolby TrueHD: “Bitstream”
DTS/DTS-HD: “Bitstream”
BD-Video Secondary Audio: “Off”
“HDMI(Video) Output Mode” to “Automatic (Video Only / Video+Audio)”
"HDMI(Audio) Output Mode” to “Audio Only)”

2 Attach the soundbar to the TV with HDMI cable from HDMI(ARC) OUT port on the soundbar to the HDMI(ARC) port on the TV.

I assume that the video will be bitstreamed from the player to the soundbar along with the audio via the HDMI cable and that it will then be passed as a bitstream through to the TV to be processed and displayed while the audio is processed by the soundbar and sent to the speakers. Dolby recommends this setup and says it will work for Atmos. However, I am concerned that it could give rise to an audio/video sync problem. Has anyone any experience of this?

None of the documents I have referred to makes any mention of eARC though some posters on these Forums seem to think it is required for this to work.


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Your proposed setup is correct and mirrors what what I have.

1) UB-820 > HDMI-1 IN (soundbar) -> HDMI OUT (soundbar) -> TV HDMI ARC.
2) FireTV / Media player -> HDMI-2 IN (soundbar) -> HDMI OUT (soundbar) -> TV HDMI ARC.

No issues observed so far.

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