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I am looking for a new Smart TV that supports 4K and of course has good image quality for non-gaming purposes. I think 49" would be more than enough. I was mainly looking for LG's 2016 models but more or less all of their UH6xx and UH7xx have problems with: image quality, lip sync issues, bleeding/ghosting issues.

I had a look at Sony 4K UHD tv models but I read both of them some problems with Android on it being super slow.

The reason I want Smart TV is playing Netflix on it and maybe listening music via Spotify, I really don't like Smart TVs as they get updates slowly and they are getting ignored over time.

So what would you recommend for these specs? As last option I will go for non-smart tv with some external device to watch Netflix on it, but I am not willing to pay hundreds of euro for some external device like Apple TV or Roku box.


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I think I am a bit late to edit my post so, sorry for double posting. I just made some search and looks like LG uses rgbw panels for 4K tv models, which makes it not "real" 4K.

So for this case I think it's not a good idea to buy 4K LG led tv because of the image quality issue. At the moment I am confused between giving up 4K option or Smart option.


Don't worry so much about smart TV features, if you want a decent TV it will come with smart TV. You can't really save and not get a TV without smart features unless you are really going for a bottom quality one.

If you find you don't like the smart TV built in you can always just buy an external solution. In many ways that's a better option anyway.

Will you be sitting close enough to the TV to notice a quality improvement vs HD? You need to sit a lot closer compared to with a FHD TV.
TV Viewing Distance Guide

Will you be watching SD material like DVDs, normal TV channels or SD quality streams?

What's your budget?

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