Luxburg 106" - Tabbed 4K ALR screen


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I came across the 'Luxburg 106" - Tabbed 4K ALR screen' on Amazon. given all they claim the price seems too good to be true when compared to other equivalent spec screens.

Does anyone here have experience with this screen?

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The quality control with Luxburg can be very hit and miss, a few stories floating around this forum, but credit to luxburg they do seem to deal with faults etc pretty well.

I've just followed your link for me on the tiger photo and landscape I'm sure I can see hot spotting, the landscape photo looks aweful just off up of centre to the right.


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Looks like there is a mini-review of the Luxburg screens here (NOT the tabbed version or ALR).

My main concern here is mention of the bumpy texture. Does anyone know if this is still an issue on the TABBED screens or ALR versions?

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