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Hi everyone,

I have 2011 13” MacBook Pro I broke the LCD display but Apple doesn't support this model any more I found local online a company NiwTech where they offer to fix the laptop for me and after they fix it they give me back the old part.

But wasn't Apple it was LG brand when I went back to them I said this is not my part my LCD should be Apple they said Apple never had an LCD brand by them self they use different brands.

Is this information right or they swap my original screen with something else?

Thank You


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I am not sure what the problem is. Apple don’t support the model anymore. They presumably have fixed the problem and supplied you with a new screen. Why would they go to the bother of swapping an original broken screen with another broken screen?


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They fixed it is the only thing that matters.

But guess what... Apple don’t make their own screens. Samsung or LG do. Always have. Same for ram, and majority of chips on the motherboards. This is the case for most devices. Sony don’t make all the parts for PlayStations too. Oh and LG make all OLED TV panels for Phillips, Panasonic, Sony... and LG TV’s of course. Just the way the tech world works.

So that will be your original broken LG screen (Apple assembled) they handed back to you.


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Having opened up several Apple/Mac models - iMac, Apple LED Cinema Display - I am not surprised at a non-Apple labelled LCD panel for your MacBook Pro. The important bit is that the replacement LCD performs as expected and last for many years.

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