Manhattan T3-R SSD I stall


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Just moved from Humax DTR-T2000 to the Manhattan.
Couple of days in and loving it over the Humax. Much snappier UI.

Replaced the HDD in the Humax with an SSD - silent, faster.
At some point would like to do same with the T3-R.
Anybody done this?



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I've just replaced the failing HDD in my Humax PVR with a larger capacity version of the same drive. From what I read on the Humax forums, SSDs are not advised for PVRs for a number of reasons and the performance gains are minimal.


There are NO noticeable (if any at all) performance gains unless you list a silence as a performance gain.


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Silence was a performance gain for me, absolute silence is golden!

Been running Humax Freesat for over two years on the same cheap 240GB Sandisk SSD with live buffer running 24/7 without failure.

Swapped the same SSD to the Manhattan, but tested first, and it said its still under 40% way through its life cycle.

Factor in that we can now turn the Manhattan off most of the time, because its got a much faster boot time, and i figure should be good for a good few years.

Maybe very slight almost imperceptible gain in boot time on the manhattan, perhaps due to it locating the SSD faster so no message now saying HDD started, but maybe i just dream that....


I suspect the 'faster' boot time is a placebo effect as I bet a bob or two that all the OS is in nvram (or somesuch).
Will it boot without an HDD?

But thanks for your heads up on the relative longevity of the SSD.:thumbsup:


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Yes I suspect you're right on the placebo effect, the T3-R is so much faster than the Humax anyway and sorry i never tried booting without the HDD installed.

Couple of things to note if swapping to SSD

a) Unlike the Humax the process is a little fiddlier as the lid can not be totally removed, there is at least one wire connecting (from memory) the LED light in the lid to the main body

b) There is a little white cable tie on the HDD (presumably for warranty) managed to slip it off as the HDD had slightly rounded edges but too tight for the SSD so just left it taped back so i can put it back if the HDD was ever to go back in.

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