Marantz SR6004 now red light blinking help


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I have a 10 month old Marantz SR6004 AV Amp

I went to turn it on the other day and the red light just started flashing.

I really dont want to have to send it back as its a 200 mile trip there and back.

I have read a couple of old threads, about this problem, Where is the surge / fuse trip ?? thats is mentioned.

I hope someone can give me some help, it would be appreciated.:lease:

Thanks again



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Has no one got any advice for me, as regards to my Marantz SR6004 AV AMP problem.

I just turned it on the other day and the red light started blinking very fast.

Please help some one, as I dont want to have to send it back




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...just a guess...but can you do a system reset back to factory settings?

.....also guessing but any fuse issues would mean a dead amp with no power?



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I have tried all I can do.

It still does it with everything unplugged.

I just hate having to send it back. I bought it from Sevenoaks in tadcaster, i think it was tadcaster.

Just dont want to be without it for weeks on end:rolleyes:

Thanks any way



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Found this in another thread, give it a try?

lapino said:
Was just playing a little on my PS3 (for about 30mins) when suddenly my Marantz SR6004 turned off and when turning it back on, I get a very fast red blinking light. No way to turn it back on. Broken?
DoctorQ9 said:
I had this happen with my SR7001. It does not mean that the unit is fried. Do the following:
1) Check the surge protector outlet box and ensure that its fuse/circuit breaker has not been tripped.
2) check all speaker wires to see if any bare wire is exposed and touching other wires. If so, then reattach the wires to eliminate any shorts.
3) unplug the power cable from the back of the Marantz (not from the surge protector) and wait 3 full minutes (by the clock).
4) reconnect the power cable. If the standby LED is still blinking, push the power button once, wait 2 full seconds, then press the power button again.

During powerful storms, the ambient humidity can increase to the point in your home's attic/ceiling crawlspace that a minor current leak can occur across ceiling speakers. The Marantz interprets this as a circuit short and its protective feature is activated. Give the storm a few hours to pass and then try this sequence again if your Marantz does not come back to life the first time!

It is extremely rare for a Marantz to get fried if it is protected by a high quality surge protector.

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