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Hi, long time reader first time poster. I hope I've done everything properly. I've recently bought a Marantz SR6004 for £50. It seems like an amazing piece of kit for the money. However I'm having some issues getting my PS4 to play sound through it.

Basically I just have 4 speakers, plugged into front a and front b. All I want is to plug my PS4 in and have it play through all the speakers via optical. I've plugged it into optical port 1 and set the PS4 audio output to optical but I can't for the life in me get the sound to come through the amp.

I'm normally quite good with electronics but this thing just has me at a loss. I'm sure I'm missing something silly but no idea what it is.

If I have to use HDMI then so be it but again I'm not sure how to get it to work. All I want is for the sound from my PS4 to come through front A and front B.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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What source are you selecting when attempting to access the optical input you've connected the PS4 to? Have you actually configured the PS4 to output audio via optical? You need to both configure the PS4 to use the optical output as well as look at what the optical input on the receiver has been assigned to.

Also note that using HDMI will give you access to some HD audio formats that cannot be conveyed via S/PDIF optical. You cannot for instance stream Dolby TRyeHD, DTS-HD Master Audio or more than just 2 channels of PCM data is using optical.

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