Marantz SR6004 -V- Yamaha RX-V2065 Debate


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I believe the Marantz has a similar issue? If there is a criticism of it then it relates to…

Marantz SR6004 Home cinema amplifier review - from the experts at whathifi.com

THe RXV2065 can never be classed as weedy :D

I never said bright or shrill. The RXV2065 isn't bright or shrill (the JBL Control 1s are :D )..

AS you have noticed, at least I tell the truth about the products I own.

Have you ever actually listened to the RXV2065?
Trust me matey if what you were saying is true my srs would be on ebay for a quick sale!! as it turns out I went on to buy several more pairs together with beefing up the stereo side with a pair of esl hybrids. such is the strength of my conviction... and I did it all on my own by listening and not quoting a well known hifi mag verbatim :lesson:

No havnt heard the yammy dont need to as I am not suggesting it (or slating it!). Have you heard the Marantz then? As for bright I was using that as a hifi term. In other words brightness can be cured to a degree, hardness is produced by the electronics and hence is a trait that is there permanently. Old schoolers like myself also know it as the term `shrill'. What HiFi should have a hifi terms glossary that may be useful to you.
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