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Im thinking about getting a drone for my holiday next month.

There seem to be tonnes of adverts in instagram spamming me with mini drones, selfie drones etc so really not sure what to go for in the sub 100 quid market that isn't going to be tosh.

I'm after a decent camera tbh, minimum of 720 and don't mind spending a bit more for 1080.

I am going to the Canary Islands so it will probably be a bit windy, however with the size/camera I'd see no point in high levels of drone footage being worthwhile.

Hopefully somebody can help!


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A decent camera means you will need a drone with a gimbal , or DIS [digital image stabilisation].I dont think you'll get something like this for a hundred quid. There are tones of drones out there and most with a camera . But these cameras will give you a wobbly video without a gimbal. The Bebop1 & 2 are very good drones with DIS . The video quality is very good . The Mantis Q uses DIS but a poor video to be had with that . One other choice could be a camera with DIS. My Firefly6 has this but I still use it with a gimbal. This camera could be attached to any cheaper drone , but not with a gimbal. The more money you pay will give you a better drone.....with a better camera . The DJI : Spark ,Mavic, Air are popular ,The Parrot Anafi is another , the Fimi A3 , Fimi x8 also also popular and are offered at different prices . Check out the Fimi A3 , it actually seems very good and is around £226 from Banggood. Of course there are tons of others . Watch the youtube videos on the models you like before you go out buying.


I wanted to purchase this camera for my drone any suggestions ?
Apologies but what do you mean? Are you asking for recommendations for a drone you own? If so it would be better to give us you drone and ask what a good camera for it would be.


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Be careful when buying cameras. Most wide angle lens on these cameras will distort the picture expecially the horizon. My old Runcam camera ,very similar to the Mobius disorts the image and doesn't really look very nice . When buying a replacement camera I opted the the Firefly6 , a non distortion 90* lens which gives superb image quality. The are other versions on the Firefly now as well as other cameras. So, check out the reviews before you purchase. I've grabbed a few stills to show you the example of distortion.
fpv lens.jpg

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