muffled speech on some channels


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I have a problem that is only affecting some sky channels.

the audio is fine, but not for speech, so almost like it is missing the centre channel.

My set up is:

SkyQ -> Philips 7300 Series 50PUS738312 ->ARC-> Sony BDVE880 via HDMI

4k firestick->Philips 7300 Series 50PUS738312 ->ARC-> Sony BDVE880 via hdmi

The Sony home cinema system is approx. 5 years old and can handle 5.1 surround sound, but not atmos 7.1 or DD+, so HDMI out is set as multichannel.

In the last week or so, some channels have really muffled speech output, while others sound fine and it is intermittent.

Sky news, for example, is muffled, but sky movies are fine. SCIFY is fine but bb1 non-hd is muffled but bbc1 HD is fine.

If I switch to the TV speakers, then they are fine

Netflix on the tv is muffled, but using Netflix on the fire stick is fine, all audio on the firestick is ok

I have not made any changes to the settings.

Can anyone help, please?
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