Question Music video clip that I can't remember and try to find, I'm waiting for your help


Hello friends, I do not know if I opened the right place, if not, just excuse me. Sorry forr my poor English, I am use google translate.

The clip I was looking for is about 2000 (-5 +10 years) and I am looking for a clip that I have seen in the music program on TV. As far as I can remember;

1- Alternative rock, Alternative pop can be like whatever comes to my mind smashing pumpkins or green day etc. but I have looked roughly did not come out of them, or I missed it.

2- The main tip: There are a lot of guys chasing a man in the clip (as if they might be like a matrix-like suit and an agent) and they are running up from the skyscraper or a building surface during a chase (the surface may be glass building). I think the man trying to escape looks normal, but obviously he has something like mutant powers(he no using rope or something). Other chase men (there are at least 3-4 men as far as I remember ) were like agents, as if they had agent-type radio listening headphones in one ear and maybe in suits. the most specific element of the clip is in this mind remaining.

I searched according to these criteria, but there is no place to I will find.

I am waiting for your help and thank you in advance.

I've been eliminating until now

Panic! At The Disco - High Hopes
Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Placebo - Pure Morning
Planet Funk - Inside All The People

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