Need Help Picking a Starter Receiver/ Speaker System for a townhouse Budget's $500


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I'm in a townhouse. Neighbors on both sides. I'm having my TV against one of the shared walls. I'm trying to figure out a receiver that supports dolby vision and HDR10. And a speaker system that isn't going to disrupt my neighbor. I don't care much about music. It'll be used for that rarely. Movies is the main use. Id like surround sound if possible with the set up. Since I got a neighbor quality would be better over loudness but obviously for 500 there aren't many options. It's a starter system so I'm not at the point in my life where I'm looking for top of the line. But I want it to be okay obviously. Subwoofer probably can only be brought out for very special occasions I understand.

Any tips are also very welcome on how to position the speakers or settings or volume maximum for not disrupting my neighbors.

This is the one I'm looking at that the receiver supports it.

I'm looking for any suggestions as well of systems or set ups or thoughts. Thanks for all your help
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