Netflix Dark Crystal Age of Resistance audio only available in Hindi on Apple TV?



Subject basically says it all. I have an Apple TV 4K on which I want to watch Dark Crystal Age of Resistance in glorious Atmos and Dolby Vision :clap: and I can't because the only audio available is in Hindi :(

Is anyone else able to confirm this or is it just me?

Anyone experienced this already and have a fix, Netflix support were unfortunately next to useless 🤷‍♂️

Thanks in advance.


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No idea as to what the issue is with your setup, but I get the conventional English Atmos soundtrack via the app running on my LG C9:

by default 2020-08-14 at 23.26.36.png
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Yes other devices I have all show English audio as available, this is only on Apple TV and I've now noticed that some episodes are Hindi only, some have Arabic and a couple do have English audio.

The first episode for example only has Hindi.

Would be really helpful if anyone else specifically with an Apple TV 4K could verify if they are seeing the same thing.

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