New Aldi Medion 50” 4K TV with HDR


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Aldi have a new Medion 50” TV for £279.99 plus £6.95 delivery at the moment.
Anyone seen or tested one of these?

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If you just need a cheap TV and you're not looking for HDR and won't be using it with UHD material.

It will be ...average if you're not fussy.

It's most likely some cheap Vestel TV, made in Turkey along with all the other supermarket specials.

You might need to add a firestick or something to it to get all the apps you want depending upon it's OS.

Overall, it's probably a bargain at 50" for £280, but for anyone that's looking for a decent picture, motion handling, contrast etc it's a TV for the kids or a room you don't use.


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My aunt has one and the picture looks 'foggy', I don't know how else to describe it. Maybe she had a bad set, but I'm more inclined to believe it's too cheap. Doesn't cost much more for the low end Hisense TVs.


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Is that a current offer ? The only one I can see online was on sale last September and has sold out.

I bought a small Medion LCD TV for the bedroom from an Aldi store many years ago and returned it straight away - the picture quality and colours were shocking. It's possible they may have improved in the years since of course, but I would make sure you at least check out their returns policy if you're buying blind like that. I was able to return a small LCD to a store for my refund, but I doubt you'll be able to do that easily with a 50" TV.

Richer Sounds have 50" Toshiba and Hisense TVs for only £50 more which still might not be great, but likely to be better than the Medion and you'll get a 6 year warranty too.


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Agree with the above. You only need to by a fraction more for a better set with a 6 year warranty from Richer Sounds.

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