New Star Wars movie developed by Marvel honcho Kevin Feige


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Wow! Not totally surprised but its a massive sign of Disney accepting just how wrong SW has been handled to date.


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Wondering if this is the ‘secretly working on another franchise’ project the Russo brothers mentioned a few weeks back.


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I think it's light tongue-in-cheek trolling a teensy bit.

And looking at some of the comments in there - they REALLY don't like her. Bizarre to hate someone so much that you have to post negative comments on their Instagram account. Mind boggles sometimes.

But I have to wonder who the "big star"could be. RDJ???


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The trailer is out and I hate that they think it's gonna be the last in the series. The Final 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Trailer is Here I don't want it to end and I feel it's gonna my personal forever while we wait for the release. Has anyone got the confirmed news through reliable sources about the end of the series? It's stressing me out all the rumors and the ambiguity around it. Is it the case that the makers haven't decided anything by themselves yet? because that way at least we can hope for the best.

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I thought there were rumours of Rosario Dawson playing Ahsoka in a live action thing - vaguely remember seeing something on social media about it and Dawson seemed keen. I would absolutely love to see her crop up in star wars :love:


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Kathleen Kennedy’s role as Lucasfilm President is secure for the long term with Kevin Feige not expected to take a larger position in the studio besides for his ‘STAR WARS’ film.


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