NEWS: BBC submits iPlayer proposals to Ofcom


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Living in Germany, I used to be able to watch BBC programs on the iPlayer for a Monthly Fee. Then years ago they stopped that service. I wish they would bring that possibility back.

Toon Army

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Programmes being available for a longer time is a big plus, especially if they were in 4K.


They should look to incorporate classic BBC programmes from the 90s and 80s. There were many mini series and the like that are now unknown gems. BBC player isn't living up to its potential.
It would be nice if they could increase the quality too. They get rid of BBC Three 1080i broadcast quality and replace it with a horrible quality 720p VOD service.

I hope it's not just the beginning....

Imagine losing all 1080i DVB-S/C/T broadcasts and having it replaced with horrible low quality streaming VOD just so they can track what everyone is watching more easily.


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Given the BBCs back catalogue they could make a fortune! I don’t understand why there is such limited content on iPlayer. Why not start digitising the entire back catalogue and put it on iPlayer?


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This move might conflict with their alliance with others (most notably ITV) and Britbox. Whilst I'm sure there will be more content I'd enjoy on iPlayer, I'm not sure how this would work.

Time will tell, and we'll need plenty of it. ;)


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I provided requests for 1080p content on iPlayer as so much of it looks awful. Why play around with HDR HLG when most of standard content is more compressed than a constipated fart.

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As long as the programs are aired in native at least then I am not so worried over p or i or 576 or PAL (converted). But OFCOM can be lobbied. I would be interested in all lobbying parties reply to this getting published un redacted.

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