NEWS: Hisense reveals ULED XD and Laser TV line up for IFA 2019


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Those laser projector units look quite cool, I'll definitley be interested to see the reviews when they come in.


It's still Hisense though, cheap panels, cheap parts, poor colour accuracy, poor customer service.
That's the reputation the new lineup - notably at the top end - Hisense are trying to break from. China has had the cream so far, so if that double panel, for example; is what it cracks up to be, it could prove a hit.


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samsung entering the oled game
hisense set to re-write the LCD game for high end performance
LG continuing to destroy with their OLEDs and having best in class IQ

its an exciting time ahead.

I think if samsung can nail a QD OLED w/no image retention issues, and offer a 3-5 year screen burn in, its game over for LG personally. Something they're just not able to promise.

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