NEWS: Hisense U8Q and U7Q QLED TVs coming to UK in 2020


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I've had the hisense xt910 for the last 5yrs I've not had any problems very good TV for the money obviously TVs have come along since I brought mine would definitely look at buying hisense again when I'm ready for a new TV


Having had experience with two Hisense TV's starting with the 65" XT910 I would have no qualms whatsoever in purchasing another Hisense TV. I have actually been waiting for Hisense to announce a 65" OLED but that will not now be happening as Hisense are not continuing with OLED. I will seriously consider Hisense when the time comes for an upgrade. My only complaint with Hisense was with their appalling Customer service. Hopefully it has improved recently.


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I still have a 55" K720 from 2015 which I now use as a pc monitor/media tv. Still swear by the quality of it - blacks are superb for an LCD. Sad that Hisense haven't released a decent FALD model in Europe for a good few years but it's saved me money in the long run I suppose.

Will maybe look at picking up a 65" U8Q and sell on my E8 OLED and old Hisense. Really have no need for two tv's other than the fear of burn-in so likely not cost me a penny.


Hisense would have followed the strategy of Samsung on the full-array(FALD)by commercialize several ranges as does Samsung a series 7 entry level then a series 8 mid-range and finally a series 9 high-end with several sizes of course 55/65 and 75" !

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