NEWS: Martin Logan announces 7 new Motion speakers


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Doesn't exactly carry the beauty or grace of their ESL brethren but glad there's more choice for people who might be interested.


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On one hand I'm excited to hear that their refreshing this lineup, on the other hand I just bought some 35XT Bookshelfs for my stereo a few months ago and kind of wish I waited now haha. I am curious what all they changed though, if all it is is a new dust cap on the woofer, a new crossover, and a new cabinet design I don't feel like that's a massive improvement over the previous generation.


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Yes, this must explain the Best Buy/ Crutchfield sale prices. I purchased 35xts, a 30 center, and FXs this summer too. I think it's mainly marketing- and imo the silver placard with the logo doesn't look as good. These speakers are so clean and never fatiguing to my ears. I was considering getting the towers (60s), but it just didn't work with my layout. I'm running the L and R with an svs sb 3000 and its such a powerful, accurate sound. Next on my av bucket list is a great 2-3 channel designated amp, and another 3000 so I can get that sought after even bass response

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