NEWS: Philips TV and audio hardware to introduce DTS Play-Fi


from its seamless interoperability between hardware from a wide range of manufacturers
yeah....right. After 15 years, even CEC still does not work like that. Over cable.


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A proper wireless (for me 2.0 would already do) protocol would be great, yet seeing that it's DTS already means other manufacturers (LG, Samsung, etc.) won't implement it.


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Quote: "This will include its OLED 804/854 models as well as the 9104, 8804, 7504 and 7304 LCD TVs, which are based around the Android TV Pie (9) OS."

Except that it won't include the 9104 model. I have the 9104 and am currently in dispute with Philips and John Lewis regarding the false advertising of this model as a 2019 TV. I bought mine in December 2019 but have since found out that the 9104 was manufactured with 2018 hardware (source: Flatpanelshd) and it also operates on Android 8 (Oreo-2018). For this reason, it is the only '2019' Philips Android TV not to get the Freeview Play Update dispite TPVisions promise that 'all of its 2019 TV,s will be updated'.

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